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LOVE PSYCHICS detail Overview...!


a psychic would know this?

Question by XPeekabooX: a psychic would know this? I went to a psychic last week (she is highly rated online) and she picked up on my guy friend’s relationship with his girlfriend. she told me they were mismatched and that she would break-up with him soon. Can a psychic tell you information regarding someone else’s […]

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Legitimate psychics???

img_0069 Image by Andrew Chee Question by yarps246988: Legitimate psychics??? So I have always been very intrigued by black magic, astrology, numerology etc… but never quite ventured that direction before. I have had a lot of confusion and questions and although it sounds a little unconventional and some of you may think Im crazy or […]

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Free online Physic websites! I need a really good one! Help?

Question by Muirgirl94: Free online Physic websites! I need a really good one! Help? I have some questions about the future that I really want to know the answer to right now! I’ve tried looking for a physic website that is free but right before they give me my reading, they want me to pay. […]

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can anybody suggest me books for IIT FOR CLASS 10?

Question by jose paul: can anybody suggest me books for IIT FOR CLASS 10? I want free downloadable iit e-books for class 10. I like to have pearson -physics ,chemistry and maths. Best answer: Answer by Be A Big GirlI woud check with our school library. They can often give you a sense of direction […]

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Psychic please help ?

Question by Masie: Psychic please help ? Yesterday on July the 5th 2010 at 4.06pm i lost my cat, he was ill and we had to put him down. My parents had him for years even before i was born. I’m heartbroken i loved him so much, please can you tell me how he is […]

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Any experienced psychics?

Question by tara: Any experienced psychics? Looking for experienced psychics to give me advice on how to give better readings and how to deal with “does this boy like me” questions… I do not like to do those type of readings I have been giving readings since I was 17 (a little over 10 years […]

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Any psychics want to help?

Question by ams: Any psychics want to help? Psychics what do you see happening in my love life? Best answer: Answer by ShaeThere are no real psychics. Add your own answer in the comments!

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Physics project ideas?

Question by Kelsey Karda: Physics project ideas? Hi, I’m in 9th grade Honors Conceptual Physics. My partner and I are doing our project early in the year, so we can get it over with, and so we don’t have to worry about it later in the year when I have basketball and more homework for […]

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does anyone to online tarot card readings?

Question by honeylou: does anyone to online tarot card readings? i want to no if this guy that i like likes me back and if a relationship will work out and if we are ganna get any closer? does he like me? Best answer: Answer by cadetskydomeYou shouldn’t get an online tarot card reading from […]

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Does anyone know a good psychic in the Tampa Bay area? Speak only from personal experience, please.?

Question by : Does anyone know a good psychic in the Tampa Bay area? Speak only from personal experience, please.? Best answer: Answer by DB CashYeah! Find one that has just won the lottery or won big money on the BCS game. You can’t really believe that crap do you? Add your own answer in […]

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