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LOVE PSYCHICS detail Overview...!


Looking for YA series about psychic powers/romance?

Question by : Looking for YA series about psychic powers/romance? I have already read these: The darkest powers Dark Visions Evermore Riley Bloom series Best answer: Answer by NarmaI remember a book I read about a girl named Clare who could touch an object and see the memories related to it. Her family (who are […]

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Psychic’s please help.?

img_0060 Image by Andrew Chee Question by Babu0713: Psychic’s please help.? Psychics, I’m crushing hard on this guy. Is it mutual? Should I pursue anything in a couple of months? he’s really smart, outgoing, and helps a lot of people. Should I just keep it to myself? I’m in Indiana. Angel – the conflict between […]

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Psychics?! Please answer this?!?

Question by Tear-bear ♥♥♥: Psychics?! Please answer this?!? I was wondering if there are any GENUINE psychics on here who could give me a free psychic reading, via E-mail or with your answer. Thanks. This would be greatly appericiated. Thanks much. Information: Name: Taryn DOB: August 10, 1991 Time of Birth: 7:49 A.M. Gender: Female […]

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live psychic

Do psychics really exist?

img_0089 Image by Andrew Chee Question by mabit18: Do psychics really exist? I would love to believe that people have psychic abilities, but i have had several readings done but they are all very vague. If there is someone out there who can make me a believer. Please tell me something from my past, present […]

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physic reading

Physics without the Maths?

Alan Hale and Thomas Bopp Image by NASA APPEL Hale-Bopp was discovered independently by amateur astronomers Thomas Bopp and Alan Hale on July 23, 1995. Bopp, in Arizona, and Hale, in New Mexico, set out on their normal routine of star gazing, comet seeking, and viewing deep-sky objects. This night was little different, though. Just […]

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Is there any legit free online psychics? Or just an online psychic community?

Question by Decode – .xo: Is there any legit free online psychics? Or just an online psychic community? I’d really be grateful to know ANYTHING. Anything that anyone could tell me about anything. Best answer: Answer by Apple, Ph.DI’m a legit free online psychic. What do you want to know? Ok, check this out: -Tomorrow […]

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Do you honestly think people can tell your future. and that they can see?

Question by Chelsea B: Do you honestly think people can tell your future. and that they can see? see your aura and all that stuff. Do you believe that is possible Best answer: Answer by latino_4_u_2_cyeah they can see that they going to take your money Give your answer to this question below!

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how can i gain more control over my psychic abilities?

Question by : how can i gain more control over my psychic abilities? i would consider myself to be sensitive to the paranormal. through my history i have seen apparitions, felt the physical presence of someone who’s past, sensed a change of emotions come over me that don’t seem to be my own…but the most […]

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Jean Appleton Psychic?

Question by Ian Ianjk78: Jean Appleton Psychic? Does anyone know where Jean Appleton Psychic lives now? A contact number and address? Over 10 years ago we last had a reading for her, she was really good. She lived past Warrington then more near the Cheshire Knutsford area. Please help? Thanks Best answer: Answer by Steve4PhysicsI’m […]

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Physics help f=ma stuff?

Question by kazooiebanjoyo: Physics help f=ma stuff? Four questions that i dont know how to do at all. 1. A student standing on a scale in an elevator at rest sees that it reads 650 N. As the elevator rises, the scale reads 700 N. Find the acceleration of the elevator. 2. A sign in […]

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